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Geographical Presentation

The Laboratory of Dr Naoui is located north of Tunis in a multi-field medical center in front of a multi-purpose private clinic, accessible by skew common transport of about 10 min from the airport Tunis Carthage.

It is in activity since 2012, he inherits a tradition of excellence and quality begun in France about twenty years ago. The laboratory carries out the acts of biology in conformity with the nomenclature of the ministry for the public health like all the analyses specialized in collaboration with the institutes PASTEUR and CERBA of PARIS and MARCEL MERIEUX of LYON.

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Reception and Billing information

• Reception and orientation of patients is provided by qualified personnel controlling the tool computer and available every day from 7: 00 in the morning until 7 pm in the evening.

• A dedicated management system ensures the confidentiality of the data and transmission security.

• The billing of the acts is in conformity with the statutory texts and the tariffing of the public health code.

• The generation of bar code for each patient and type of sample avoids duplication and ensures fluidity and continuity of the treatment of the specimen.

• A personalized welcome is reserved for the VIP.

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Management, Consumable, Reactive, Maintenance

• The management of consumables and equipment is provided by the framework of the laboratory and a computer system dedicated and multi-tasking.

• The laboratory is equipped with two rooms of taking away equipped with the hardware requirement to carry out all type of taking away. The waste management of care activities is delegated at a recognized organization external and in the respect of an environment of quality.

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Biochemistry, hémato, hémostase, immuno-hémato, immuno – serology

The sector medio–technique constitutes the heart of the activity of the Laboratory.
Qualified technicians ensure management and maintenance of it and allow to answer as soon as possible the urgent and planned requests.
Daily quality controls are systematically integrated in the flow of work and allow a continuous assessment.
All the analyses are carried out in additional real time and without delay.
The analyses are not being able to be carried out at the laboratory are transmitted by our care to specialized establishments subcontractors.
The time limits with the realization of each request are communicated to the patient during the admission as well as waiting necessary for the external sendings.

True sector with strong rained been worth technical and clinical, microbiology is directly managed by the doctor biologist, a pharmacist biologist and a specialized and experienced technician.
Completely autonomous for the preparation and the management of the substrates and culture media; it profits from the standardization of the tests of identification and modern antibiotherapy.

Created to answer at the request of the foreign customers, this sector developed while adapting to the requests specialized in infectiology, neurology and neuropédiatrie.

This task is mutually assured by the biologist and the engineering team on specimens in an anonymous and systematic way as attests it since 2013 the distinctions obtained.
The choice of a management quality in keeping with the international standards is a major concern and continuous laboratory.
An expert software in management of the procedures and conformities ensures the agreement between the clean means and the international requirements.

A double technical and biological validation accompanies each returned and justifies all the checks and controls in accordance with the recommendations of the learned societies and in the observance of the regulation and the deontology.

The access to the results being done by a waiter, site WEBOLABO, e-mail and paper.
The internal and external quality controls, the study of the statistical data, place the Laboratory in the major group at the national and international level. It is within this framework that we summons in the course of accreditation and of certification (Standard ISO 9000 version 2015, Normalizes ISO 15189) managed by TUNAC and International Joint Communication the USA.


The confidence of our patients and our fellow-members is necessary and invaluable for us, and therefore the innovation, the security and the respect of the professional obligations are still and always our objectives. With you, we imply ourselves in this positive approach to continue to make of it.

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