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Hematology / Hemostasis / ABO blood grouping

Two full-time technicians to ensure a rate of 60 preoperative coagulation assessments and therapeutic monitoring of patients with anticoagulants treatement. (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Intensive Care and PACU vascular surgery) :

• Sysmex XT 1800i: PLC ensuring complete CBC by flow cytometry and multi-channel analysis Throughout = 100CBC / hour

• Sysmex KX 21: Semi -automatic and approximative granulocytes formula Throughout= 40CBC/ hour

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Hemobiology and blood safety

The complex has on the premises of a deposit Laboratory Blood Bank ensuring regulatory management of labile blood products (LBP) and pre and post transfusion of Hémovigilence tests. (250 caps and 250 Globular managed PFC / month).

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Equipped with three automats,positive identification bar coded reagents and samples, managed by a full-time physician; this sector achieves 24/24 hormonology the blood tests, bacterial and viral serology of reproductive biology, and all tumor markers.

Facilities :

  • 1 Vidas Bio Merieux.
  • 1 Vidas New Bio Merieux.
  • 1 Elecsys 2010 Roche Diagnostics.
  • 1 Abbott IMX

Production rate = 50 tests simultaneously; limit for completion: 30 minutes up to 120 minutes.
Note : A controller (Mini Vidas) is exclusively dedicated to the immediate biological diagnosis :

  • Myocardial Infarctus (Troponin I)
  • Cardiomyopathy (Natriuretic Peptides of type B).
  • Complication cardiopulmonary thrombosis; PAO (D.dimères).
  • Septic shock in the ICU, and Pediatric Infectious Diseases (Pro calcitonin)

It should be noted that these examinations and other tests with high diagnostic values are not listed, names of tests which can be performed by emergency medical biology laboratories of private health institutions (Decree 93.2175 1 November 1993 ).

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Biochemistry / gas analysis

using two physicians two automats ,bar coded positive reading free accesses who can ensure real rate of 100 to 150 sheets / hour. Balances to heart and cardiovascular orientation are treated in absolute emergency.
Biochemistry sector has the following facilities :

  • Two INTEGRA 400 Roche Diagnostics
  • SYNCHRON® CX3 Beckmann
  • BTS 300 Spectrophotometer
  • VISUAL Spectrophotometer

gas analysis :
OMNIC Roche Diagnostics: Measures oximetry (GDS) 24/24 7/7. pH ;PaCo2;PaO2;HgB;SaO2 …

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Two physicians are responsible for handling all types of samples and ensure and give real time response in best conditions in the pre analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases of laboratory diagnosis. This sector is heavily involved in quality and prevention of nosocomial infections that institution applies according the Trustee Authorities (MSP), learned competent Organizations and Societies (STBC and Tunisian Company of Hospital Hygiene) approach. In collaboration with academic sociaty, the laboratory participates in the network surveillance and epidemiological records in Tunisia. The Establishment provides from the laboratory to the prevention and management of infectious risk through CLIN (Committee for the Fight against Nosocomial Infections).

This local instance is operational since 2002 and provides a mission of vigilance, information and prevention of all Adverse Events (AEs) that may occur in the institution. The collection, analysis and daily epidemiological monitoring are provided by hygienists from clinical laboratory data. The laboratory also conducts in partnership with specialist agencies and accredited, management and disposal of medical waste (Waste Activities Care Infectious Risk); Occupational medicine, hygiene catering, prevention AES; hemo and biomonitoring.

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Specialized Biology

First Private Laboratory of Tunisia to be equipped with PCR and Molecular Biology. The PCR diagnosis of infectious agents (Hepatitis B, C, HIV, HPV, VZV, HSV), the Laboratory provides results within a week, the detection of HBV viral load and HCV.

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